Behind the Scenes: Jill Kintner talks to Fabric about her roots, successes and future plans in mountain biking and in life

2019-04-16 13:43:57
Mountain Bike World Champion, Olympic medalist, 5x Queen of Crankworx and all-around superheroine on two wheels – without a doubt Jill Kintner is one of the most accomplished bike riders in our sport. Fabric recently published an in-depth interview with Jill asking her all about her roots in MTB, biggest accomplishments, regrets and future plans.
Jill Kintner
Check out some excerpts from the interview below.
How long have you been riding for?
Mom says I started riding at age two without training wheels. There are some pretty irresponsible photos from a couple years later of me bombing the massive downhill start ramp without a helmet, feet off the pedals with the cranks spinning a million miles an hour beneath me. By eight we were signed up to race, hitting BMX nationals on the West Coast at age ten, then started making a bit of prize money as a pro in BMX at age 14. It’s been a lifetime really.
Jill Kintner
Jill Kintner
What are you most proud of?
Maybe making it to the Olympics and winning a medal for my country with a blown-out ACL / meniscus and the odds against me. That was pretty wild.
Jill Kintner
What does it take to dominate?
Relentless focus and effort to get things perfect.
What is frustrating about being a female MTB athlete?
Never getting the same sponsorship dollars. It’s kind of always been a hustle. The hard work makes you appreciate what you do get, but I see someone like ‘Blank’ asking for so much money and it kind of upsets me honestly.
What is the future for Jill Kintner?
Good question, hard to answer…. I’d love to keep riding bikes with Bryn as long as we can, but I also want to learn some new things, have a garden, a dog, build a house, etc. Design and starting a business have appeal, but I really enjoy being active and having my own time. Hopefully we find something that makes us as happy that we can do together. I love having goals and seeing what I can do, so we shall see.
Jill Kintner
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