Evan Guthrie's California Dreaming

2014-02-14 08:00:08
Article by Evan Guthrie
Two weeks have already flown by down here in Oxnard. Soaking in my final week before heading home for a short rest-week. Then it's back to Thousand Oaks for the national team mountain bike camp.  Let's not skip too far ahead. The past few weeks have been filled with amazing riding, where I haven't even done the same ride twice, thanks to Peter Glassford.
We've been crushing gym workouts to cultivate mass, to get that arm pump, I know it hurts, but it feels so good.  Then there are grow days where we doing nothing but eat and drink coffee. Vitamin D intake is all-time for this guy in the month of January. Pretty damn chilly day yesterday at 15 C. Some morning are spent watching the sunrise over a jog and evenings spent doing beers on the beach(AKA Sunset): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0X2mKSWVPI 
In case you haven't checked out the Romero Canyon descent in Santa Barbara(It is unreal), see the video here
Also stopped by Neptune's Net on the Pacific Coast Highway to see if Dom and Brian were there for lunch, but the orange Supra never rolled up. Pete and I were going to give them directions to race wars. Hopefully you all understand that is a Fast and Furious reference.. Spent last week watching the whole serious, which is life changing in many ways. I know live my life a quarter mile at a time.
More pictures and video will be coming over the next few weeks. Not trying to give you too much excitement at once! I’m taking a quick rest week at home before coming back down to Thousand Oaks for the National Team mountain bike camp.
It is then back to Oxnard for another week of racking in the miles before heading back home. Where I will pack up my gear and head back down to Victoria for the spring. Where I will be training with teammate Evan McNeely and Olympian Max Plaxton. From there I will travel to the the second and third rounds of the US Pro Cup MTB races in the LA area, then Sea Otter. Already setting up to be the best year yet!
All for now,
Evan Guthrie