Norco Factory Team: Off-season Report

2016-02-18 15:17:38
After the race season, most of us take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to just chill, train in a relaxed manner, and transition to the offseason. The season was a busy one, and while we were sad to see it end, everyone on the team was looking forward to a fun offseason.
Come September, everyone on the team headed back to the books (except Lespy, who’d already graduated from Mechnical Engineering). It was a busy fall for most of us, but we still got up to some adventures. McNeely and myself (Haley) walked away in December with two shiny new degrees – mine being a BSc in Kinesiology and McNeely’s being a Mechanical Engineering degree. Look out world, we’re coming!
Haley Smith It took me 4.5 years, but it was well worth it. Now on to more important things – bike racing! - Haley Smith
Guthrie’s fall included school as well, but he made time for some great adventures:
Evan Guthrie "This fall/winter has been amazing for training and doing all my favourite things with good views and and friends." – Evan Guthrie
When the snow hit in earnest, we all decided to cope differently. Peter, stuck at school, is making the best of winter in Ontario. Guthrie, surrounded by the mountains of BC, has spent the winter enjoying all that the outdoors have to offer. A little turned off by the snow, I made my way out to Halifax before coming out to join McNeely and Lespy in Victoria for a few months of training before the race season arrives.
Peter Disera “I’m still in school this semester and commuting couldn’t be any better on my Indie.” – Peter Disera
Evan Guthrie "I had a few 'first' experiences this winter. Norco's new fatbike took winter fun training up a notch. Days of ice fishing, skeet shooting and snowmobiling was just what Christmas break needed" – Evan Guthrie
Evan McNeely “Standing a-top the E-Van somewhere in South Dakota on our cross country road trip from Toronto to Victoria. Andrew L'Esperance and I completed the drive in 3 days.” – Evan McNeely
Haley Smith "Hitting the trails on foot is a nice change during the offseason – especially with scenery like this. The East Coast has a lot to offer!" - Haley Smith

10 out of 10 I'd say. Video: @raphauclair

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"First attempts at tackling a technical shoot at "The Dump" in Victoria. Without putting a foot down, I am more impressed with this stall than if I had sent the whole thing clean." - Evan McNeelly
In between Christmas and school, Pete found some time to head out to Victoria and join us for a week
Peter Disera "A quick visit to Victoria at the beginning of January proved a success. Needless to say, a Norco Sight is on my wish list.” - Peter Disera
Guthrie also headed to the Island for a bit – we decided to take a team hike on one of our easy days
Evan McNeely “Evan Guthrie, Haley Smith, Andrew L'Esperance and myself on a recovery day hike up Mt. Doug in Victoria.” - Evan McNeely
Out on the Island, group rides have been our bread and butter. We’ve amassed lots of amazing rides, laughs with teammates, and hilarious misadventures over the past month. We’re looking forward to more as the training for 2016 ramps up. Catch you on the trails!
Andrew L'Esperance “In Victoria, BC we train several days a week on the trails at Hartland. My favorite trail there is bubble wrap; it is mostly techy downhill but with some challenging ups as well. The views from the trail are incredible, I sat down for a second to enjoy the view and the soak in the sun on this day.” - Andrew "Lespy" L'Esperance
Andrew L'Esperance “We spend time on the road training so we can go faster on the trails. Making each ride an adventure definitely makes the training better and more fun. On this ride McNeely, Haley and I set an ambitious route including a climb outside Victoria, BC called Finlayson Arms Rd. It has sections with a grade of more than 30%! We took this photo shortly before that climb on a shortcut to get to the base.” – Lespy
Haley Smith “Nothing beats a Saturday spent on the trails with a good group of people, some snacks, and fun bikes to shred on” - Haley Smith