Bike Bible of Bike Test - Magazine Review of the Sight Carbon LE

2014-01-27 08:00:22
20140117090926562_Page_1 The Bike Magazine testing team were some of the first riders to give the 2014 Norco Sight Carbon LE Killer B a thorough review. After a rigorous testing process they came to the conclusion that the Sight was something special. Here is the full writeup from the 2014 Bike Bible of Bike Tests.
Price $6,850 USD
Final Take: Versatile and well rounded, the Sight is perfectly suited for technical terrain with plenty of vert.
Quoting from one reviewer's test sheet, "I was really impressed with this bike. It was flat out one of the better climbing bikes of .the lot and it felt crazy capable on descents. There were a few times that I had to look down at the toptube just to make sure that I wasn't riding the Range (the Sight's bigger brother). It felt that confident and smooth on the descents.
Each tester shared this sentiment for the 140-millimeter Sight Carbon LE. First, the bike looks killer. One clean line from the headtube to rear axle creates an elegant, simple look, and the low-slung toptube shows this bike means business. We loved the hollowed-out swing link as well. The bike we tested is damn pricey, but it truly looks the part, and there's a brilliantly spec'd model for just over $4,000.
The Sight LE FS comes with SRAM's XX1 drivetrain, XO Trail brakes, RockShox Revelation RCT3 fork, Reverb Stealth dropper and Stan's Arch EX hoops laced to DT 350 hubs with DT Competition spokes. The Onza Ibex 2.4 tires surprised every tester, with one saying, "Who spec'd those tires? Give him a raise." We couldn't argue with any of it, only make a couple minor suggestions. The biggest one: The RockShox Pike was designed for a slightly bigger bike, but the Charger damper housed inside is groundbreaking, so until there's a Charger damper in the Revelation, put a Pike on it. The added performance is worth the sub 1 DO-gram weight penalty.
As a true trail bike should, the Sight both climbs and descends with equal prowess. Small bump compliance isn't outlandishly supple, but this is small price to pay for superb pedaling efficiency. We won't go into all the numbers here, but trust us, they add up to a nimble and well balanced bike we'd gladly ride anywhere.
Watch the corresponding video from the test here