Pinkbike Takes the Norco Sight Carbon 7.1 to Sedona - A Full Review

2014-01-27 10:10:51

Photo by pinkbike/Colin Meagher

Norco entered the 27.5" wheel game with two models in 2013. The Range and the Sight were some of the best received 650B bikes on the market and for 2014 the line is bigger with more models featuring the middle wheel size and the two lines from 2013 moved to Carbon. The Range and Sight come in carbon versions for 2014 and the first reviews are starting to show up online for the Trail intended Sight model.
One of the first publications to review the Sight Killer-B is and for their test they took the Sight Carbon 7.1 to Sedona and ran it through its paces. Here is what they had to say.
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Back in 2012, Norco first introduced the Sight as an aluminum framed, 26” wheeled trail bike with 140mm of travel. In keeping with the changing tides of the mountain bike marketplace, 2013 saw the launch of the 27.5” version, and now, for 2014, the popular trail bike is available with a carbon fiber frame. According to Norco, going with carbon fiber allowed for a 25% reduction in frame weight, a savings that had our size large test bike weighing in at a very reasonable 26.6 pounds. There are four possible build kits for the Sight, two of which employ a single ring, 1x11 drivetrain. We tested the 7.1, which retails for $5252 USD. The base model carbon version is $3545, and alloy versions are still available starting at $2409.
Photo by pinkbike/Colin MeagherThe Sight epitomizes a modern trail bike - stiff and light, but still brawny enough to charge on the downhills. Our dream build of the Sight would have wider rims and tires, along with a reservoir style shock in the rear, slight changes that would bring it more in line with the way that the geometry and frame stiffness allow it to be ridden. Of course, for many riders the stock build will be just fine, but we'd love to see some kind of 'Sight on steroids' kit offered. A build like that would bump the Sight's already high performance up to another level, making it an even mightier force to be reckoned with on both the climbs and the descents. - Mike Kazimer
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