Flow Mountain Bike - A Review Down Under on the Sight Carbon 7.1

2014-02-13 10:37:10
Flow_LogoFlow Mountain Bike Magazine out of Australia has recently released a review of the Norco Sight Carbon 7.1. Here is a taste of what they had to say.
Norco’s bikes haven’t just come on a little bit in the past four or five years. No, they’ve improved astronomically and the Sight range is really indicative of all that progress. A couple of years ago, Norco launched the Sight in a 26” wheeled variant, but for 2014 it undergoes the shift to 27.5” wheels whilst retaining that trail-friendly 140mm of bounce.
Test_NorcoSightCarbon0001-710x472We picked up a Sight Carbon 7.1 and took it to singletrack Nirvana, Rotorua, for five days of guess what?
The Sight’s the best looking Norco we’ve ever seen; clean shapes, the contrasting matte and fluorescent colours and the smart little finishing touches had us drooling over the Sight at first sight.
High contrast colours, and groovy shapes.
With the move to a carbon front end, 25% of the grams are gone. Like a number of manufacturers, Norco have opted for a carbon front end and aluminium chain stays out back. We like this method of construction, as the rear end is the part of the frame most susceptible to crash damage, while the front end is largely protected by the bars and cranks.
Norco have taken a step in the right direction with internal cable routing, including some neat rubber grommets do prevent dirt or water accessing the frame. But during our testing the rubber cable grommets occasionally pulled loose, making making a bit of a mess, and requiring us to stop and wedge them back in periodically.
Read the full review at flowmountainbike.com