2015 Norco Sight Carbon: First Impressions from NSMB.com

2014-08-28 13:50:09

NSMB 2015 Norco Sight Carbon Review

Words by Todd Hellinga. Photos by Todd Hellinga.

Exerpt from nsmb.com

If you’re a rider into the more aggressive side of trail riding, then the 2015 Norco Sight may be a bike you want to consider if you’re in the market for a new ride next year. The 140mm of travel may be easy to dismiss as less than you may need, but the parts hanging off the carbon fiber frame belie the fact that this bike is designed for a rider that’s willing to push the limits. Featuring a 1x drivetrain with a chain guide, Schwalbe Magic Mary and Hans Dampf tires, and  Rock Shox Reverb post, this bike screams enduro, within a trail oriented chassis.
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