Riding Feels Good - So does the 2015 Norco Range

2014-10-22 13:38:06
2015 Norco Range Carbon 2 Review - Riding Feels Good

2015 Norco Range Carbon 7.2 Review from RidingFeelsGood.com

Over the past few years Norco has returned to form as one of the bike manufacturers that demands attention. In 2012, after greatly broadening their staff of bike designers and engineers, they came out with a line up of mountain bikes that may have been their best offering to the market in a decade. Certainly the Aurum from that line up had many lusting over it like none of their downhill bikes in the past. In the ensuing years, they have managed to refine the bikes even further, not only offering some very attractive bikes both aesthetically and on paper, but with a fit-and-finish that is on par with the best around. One of the most noticeable developments in this time has been the Norco Range. The bike was originally stuffed into Norco’s line as a longer-legged version of the Norco Sight, while leaving the freeride duties to the now-defunct Norco Truax. However, with the growth of the enduro market, the Range has taken on its own personality and has eclipsed the territory of the Truax, growing into a brawn beast that can easily accommodate lift access days.
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2015 Norco Range Carbon 2 Review - Riding Feels Good