Norco Sight VLT: The Loam Wolf’s “2019 E-MTB of the Year”

2019-02-19 10:51:05
With e-mountain biking on the rise, The Loam Wolf recently gathered 10 of the best e-MTBs on the market for their ultimate 2019 e-MTB Roundup. After months of relentless testing on aggressive, rocky terrain, jumps and long-distance trails in the Santa Monica mountains, the Norco Sight VLT e-mountain bike ended up as the test winner and earned itself the title “2019 e-MTB of the Year”.
Watch the video to learn more about The Loam Wolf’s in-depth e-MTB roundup and read on for some excerpts from the review:

Our Winner! 2019’s e-MTB of the year is the most balanced and versatile bike in the bunch, the Sight won everybody over with its liveliness, playful demeanor and styling. This bike excites us about the future of e-bikes!”
Norco Sight VLT
“Before riding the Sight VLT 1, e-bikes were fun, almost novel. We enjoyed the benefits of scouting new terrain, allowing us to ride on days where motivation or time were short, or to transport tools to our new trails. They rode, but nothing like our favorite mountain bikes and the best part about them honestly, was just the fact that they had a motor. That’s no longer the case.”
“Sporting 150mm of Horst Link, four-bar rear wheel travel and 160mm of travel up front, the Sight VLT is able to blend playfulness with stability. The geometry compliments the travel nicely to make this bike a very versatile trail slayer.”
Norco Sight VLT
“Whereas many of the e-bikes we’ve ridden are weighted plow machines, like the Haibike Xduro Nduro, the Norco Sight VLT rides high in the travel and almost feels like it’s floating over the trail compared to other e-bikes. It’s pretty amazing that every tester came back saying this bike felt ten pounds lighter than every other e-bike.”
Norco Sight VLT
“While some bikes may shine in one area, the Norco Sight VLT 1 lights up every kind of trail. With 160/150mm of travel a Shimano Steps E8000 powerplant and thoughtful design features, it is the bike almost every single tester said they wanted to keep once the E-Bike Roundup was over.”
Norco Sight VLT
Learn more about the Sight VLT’s key technologies and features:
Norco Sight VLT
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