Australian Flow MTB tested the Norco Sight VLT e-MTB, placing it “in the top echelon of the e-bike world”

2019-03-18 11:32:45
After earning the title of “2019 e-MTB of the Year” by The Loam Wolf, the Norco Sight VLT now received another excellent review by Australian Flow Mountain Bike. Having tested the new e-mountain bike over a period of several weeks, test editors especially loved the “handling, lively suspension, great range and beautiful frame construction”.
Norco Sight VLT
Watch the video to learn more about Flow MTB’s take on the Norco Sight VLT and read on for some excerpts from the review:

“Norco didn’t rush to the E-MTB party, but their patience in sitting back and watching the successes and stuff-ups of other brands has paid dividends. Their Sight VLT is a ridiculously fun machine, mainly because it handles like all the other Norcos we know and love.”
“For a first entry in the world of e-mountain bikes, Norco have delivered a cheeky headbutt to a lot brands that have been in e-bike realm for a number of years. The Sight VLT has raced straight to the head of the pack, leaving very few areas for improvement.”
“Some e-bikes just feel a bit clumsy, soggy, they turn you into a passenger – the Norco does not.”
Norco Sight VLT
“The Norco Sight VLT required a lot less suspension fettling than most e-MTBs we’ve ridden. We didn’t need to make any compromises with overly firm spring rates or compression settings.”
“In our opinion, having the battery range to explore new trails without having to stress too much about running out of juice is a big deal, and so the Norco scores very well here. We happily cranked out rides well over 60km with 1500m or more of climbing and still had plenty of battery like, never returning home with less than two of the five bars of battery life remaining.”
Norco Sight VLT
“We’re a little sad to see this bike go. It’s an inspiring e-bike to ride, and we’ve enjoyed the adventures we’ve had on it over the past month or so greatly. We’ve got zero qualms placing this bike in the top echelon of the e-bike world. If this is a first attempt, then other brands should really watch out, we cannot wait to see where Norco go next in this field.”
Learn more about the Sight VLT’s key technologies and features:
Norco Sight VLT
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