German E-MTB Magazine tested the Norco Sight VLT and calls out its undeniable “Northshore DNA”

2019-03-15 13:57:55
With full suspension e-mountain bikes becoming a staple in many European (and North American) households and the overall e-MTB market place becoming more and more diverse, the new Norco Sight VLT has been catching a lot of attention from numerous international publication since its launch. After earning the title of “2019 E-MTB of the Year” by the Loam Wolf, the Sight VLT was now reviewed and tested by the German "E-MTB Magazine". Fully assessing its ride capabilities, features and design on a wide variety of terrain, test riders were impressed by the Sight VLT's excellent riding capabilities and clean, sleek design.
Norco Sight VLT
Read on for E-MTB’s take on what sets the Sight VLT apart from the rest, and pick up the 01/2019 issue of the E-MTB Magazine for the full review.
“Northshore DNA. Vancouver, Whistler, Nelson – Canada delivers mostly downhill-focused mountain bikes and the Norco Sight VLT can’t deny its roots either.”
“If you focus on the descent and are not looking for extended tours with even more elevation, the Norco Sight VLT will be a perfect companion with excellent riding capabilities.”
Norco Sight VLT
“You can only achieve such a compact downtube if you decide to fully integrate the battery. Another reason for the clean look is of course the beautifully crafted carbon frame with its modern, clean lines.”
“BOTTOM LINE: The Canadians are spot on with their first E-MTB project. Beautiful carbon frame, light weight, excellent riding capabilities. It’s perfect, if the missing opportunity of a removable battery does not bother you.”
Learn more about the Sight VLT’s key technologies and features:
Norco Sight VLT
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