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Singletracks reviews the Norco Sight Carbon 29er and vouches for its “aggressive, all-mountain chops”

2019-03-12 12:33:59
The Norco Sight is our versatile all-mountain shredder featuring modern geometry and suspension kinematics for a fast, stable and playful ride on a wide range of terrain. The Sight Carbon recently caught the attention of Singletracks’ Jeff Barber, who was keen on taking the bike out on the trails and reviewing its ride handling, spec and geometry.
Norco Sight
Jeff built his test bike with our new Build your Ride, Ride your Build program for the Sight Carbon and Range Carbon models, which is now available in the US and Canada. With this program riders can choose frame, suspension and components independently and build their custom Norco Sight or Range Carbon online.
Read on for some of Jeff’s test results and opinions:
“The Norco Sight is like a racehorse that is anxious to be let out of the barn.”
“Norco just launched a new program called Build Your Ride in the US and Canada that allows buyers to customize the build kit on their carbon Sight or Range.”
Norco Sight
“Not only does Norco produce Sight frames for two different wheel sizes, they also vary the geometry of each frame based on the size. The brand calls this “Gravity Tune,” which notably varies the rear center (chainstay length) for each frame size. This is done to keep the bike balanced similarly across sizes and to provide a consistent ride feel.”
On fast, wide-open trails the Norco Sight comes alive. This is a bike designed for stability and control at speed, and I found it to be exceptionally composed through long, rough descents. The suspension starts out supple but ramps up nicely to gloss over the occasional poor line choice.”
“It’s clear Norco has optimized not only the stiffness of the carbon frame, but the pivot points and hardware as well, to minimize side-to-side flex. There are a lot of moving parts here, yet the bike feels responsive whether I am pedaling out of the saddle or maneuvering through obstacles.”
Norco Sight
“In my opinion, Norco does a great job marketing the Sight for what it is: an aggressive all-mountain bike that’s going to be fast and fun going downhill, especially compared to other, less aggressive all-mountain bikes. It’s clear the Sight has been crafted and refined to deliver a quality, high-performance experience on the trail. And with the new Build Your Bike program, buyers can now spec this excellent trail bike based on their own budget and ride preferences.”
Learn more about the Sight’s key technologies and features and build your dream custom Sight Carbon with our Build your Ride, Ride your Build program:
Norco Sight Carbon
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