Bicycling Magazine reviews the Norco Section All-Road bike, saying it’s a bike “ready for adventure”

2019-04-25 09:56:03
The new Norco Section Carbon all-road bike is built for riders who ride all day and are in it for more than the scenery. Big tires and a lightweight carbon fiber frame combined with reactive, nimble handling and carefully selected components won't let any road interrupt your rhythm. Bicycling Magazine recently reviewed our newest all-road bike and was fully convinced by its light weight, clean design and quick, reactive ride feel available at an accessible price point.
Norco Section
Read on for Bicycling's take on the Norco Section:
“In my garage, I have a steel gravel bike with 40mm tires, a carbon road race bike with 25s and rim brakes, and an aluminum cyclocross race bike with 32mm knobbies on it. For most of my rides, I’d pick the Norco Section over any of these other options.”
“The Section Carbon is quicker and more energetic-feeling than my gravel bike on the long stretches of pavement that lead to the dirt roads and gravel paths, as well as on my short weeknight jaunts (which are mostly paved). Yet it’s more confidence-inspiring on the dirt than my road bike and has more appropriate gearing than my ’cross bike for long mountainous rides.”
Norco Section
“On a four-hour ride with multiple sustained uphills, I never thought the bike felt porky, sluggish, or like anything but a nice carbon road bike. The Section also feels quick to accelerate, and generally has a very fun, lively ride for a disc road bike that comes stock with 32s.”
“The Norco Section Carbon 105 is a very enjoyable bike to ride. When Daylight Saving happened, the Section Carbon was the bike that made me want to extend my ride by a few more miles just because I had the time.”
“It’s a bike I enjoyed climbing all day on; laying down some harder efforts on long, flat roads to nowhere; and turning down that dirt road that always made me think, “I wonder where that goes?” “
Norco Section
Learn more about the key features and technologies of the Norco Section Carbon here.

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