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Pinkbike takes a look at the all-new Norco Revolver FS and calls it an “absolute weapon for the fun-loving, open-minded cross-country racer”

2019-04-17 12:43:40
Cross-country biking is seeing a huge rise in popularity, which is supported by the fact that according to Red Bull more people have watched the 2018 XC World Cup than following along when pro racers pin it on the rowdiest DH tracks. The new Norco Revolver FS 100 and Revolver FS 120 both bring XC power, efficiency and modern handling to aggressive XC racing, all-day epics and multi-stage races. Pinkbike’s Technical Editor Mike Levy has had the 120 version of our XC race machine to test for the last few months and recently released an in-depth first ride piece.
Norco Revolver FS
Read on for what Mike had to say about the new Norco Revolver FS:
“Some cross-country bikes feel breakable but the Revolver isn't one of them, and it never gave me that skittery, loose action that so many ''fast'' cross-country bikes seem to have when traction is more "oh shit" than "oh yes".”
Norco Revolver FS
“Speaking of geometry, these aren't like your dad's old race bike that handled like a triggered chihuahua ready to bite your ass at the mere thought of a shitty line choice.”
“Norco has done more than just push the front-end out, though, and while they've given the new bikes the longer, lower, slacker treatment, it hasn't been all about getting the rider as far behind the front axle as possible like with so many enduro sleds. Instead, Norco says that it's actually about getting the rider's center of gravity more forward and lower within the new bike's longer wheelbase for a position that's efficient for climbing but not death-defying for descending.”
Norco Revolver FS
“My 120mm-travel Revolver pedaled with all the urgency a cross-country bike should have, but it was quite active as well, with the shock doing its thing due to the ground instead of drivetrain forces.”
Norco Revolver FS
Norco Revolver FS
“In the right hands, the FS 120 that I spent time on could be an absolute weapon. Those hands probably belong to a fun-loving, open-minded cross-country racer, though, or at least someone who doesn't treat every descent as an opportunity to recover.”
Learn more about the Revolver FS’ key technologies and features:
Norco Revolver FS
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All images by Brian Park/Pinkbike.