Revolution Mountain Bike Magazine Reviews the Sight VLT 2

2019-05-31 13:48:40

“The bike is made to make climbing fun and the descents even better”

“Through the development process they focused on it feeling as playful and capable as the rest of their line up. Norco understood that in order for them to make the Sight VLT a bike that lives up to their standards they would need to focus on the geometry, frame material, and componentry before worrying about adding a motor.”

“This new Shimano battery is also one of the biggest on the market with a capacity of 630wh, giving you enough power to ride all day before needing a charge.”

“The Sight VLT manages to remain composed yet nimble thanks to a well selected suspension package that balances durability with weight. The suspension package is good with a RockShox Deluxe in the rear and a Pike for up the front. The Deluxe shock is great on this bike, tracks well and never really felt overwhelmed. Both the fork and shock have been e-Bike optimized in the valving and provide extra dampening to compensate for the added weight.”

“As I have hinted throughout this review I am a huge fan of this bike. It wants to be jumped, thrown into corners, and rides through the rough and technical with ease. Slow speed climbing is a breeze thanks to the centered riding position and balanced geometry. The short chainstays not only bring this bike to life on the downs but, flick the assistance mode up a notch and it absolutely transforms the climbing experience as well.”
“They have definitely succeeded in the looks department, if you were to see this bike on the trails it would be extremely hard to notice that is was an e-Bike and you would be looking hard because this thing is a beauty.”
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Words by Darren Mallard
Photos by Kane Naaraat