Cycling Magazine’s First Impressions of the 2020 Norco Revolver FS 120

2019-10-02 12:16:47
In July, Cycling Magazine writer Terry McKall took out the new 2020 Norco Revolver FS 120 for a first-ride test around his home trails in Victoria, BC. Drawn to the 120 version of the XC platform for its slight bump in travel, which gives the Revolver a broader appeal for those looking for a fast ride, but not confined to the limits of the race tape. Here are some of his thoughts on the new bike.
When the curtain was lifted on the team’s new race bike, what might have looked like minor changes were revealed to be a full re-design of Norco’s cross country platform. The new Norco Revolver FS 120 and 100 might appear similar to previous model years but, with updated geometry bringing a major overhaul to the bike, it rides completely differently.
Rolling from geo number on paper and out into woods on the Revolver FS 120, it is immediately clear that Norco’s updated geometries make a solid difference in how the bike feels. Admittedly, it took part of a ride to adjust to the new handling. But, once I relaxed and trusted the bike to do what Norco said it would, the Revolver quickly impressed.
As expected, the bike likes to go fast. A cross country bike that climbs is not out of the ordinary, though. What is less expected has been how fast, and confidently, the bike descends back down.
For anyone looking to tackle big stage races like the BC Bike Race, this will save energy and let you gain time on the descents. If you just want to go fast on your local trails, the Revolver’s descending chops make it exciting to ride descend on, whether that’s wide open speed or challenging technical trails.
On first impression, Norco seems to have found a winning formula in the Revolver FS 120, and one that will just as good on long days that don’t involve a start/finish line.
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Words and Photos by Terry McKall
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