Pinkbike Reviews the 2020 Norco Sight

2020-02-11 10:28:28’s Mike Kazimer has had the 2020 Norco Sight in his hands for long-term testing since it’s release at the end of October. With ample time to get to know the latest all-mountain steed in the Norco stable, here are some samples of what the Tech Editor had to say.

Norco's online bike setup guide is about as detailed as it gets – you put in your height and weight, and then select from nine different skill levels ranging from beginner to professional. Be honest when choosing your ability level - you might have dreams of being a pro, but that doesn't mean you necessarily need to same suspension settings as one.

The Sight's climbing position is excellent, and it felt just right for my 5'11” height. That 485mm reach number may seem quite long on paper, but don't forget about that 77.7-degree seat tube angle. That creates a modest 621mm top tube length, which meant that I never felt too stretched out while seated.
The geometry numbers that make the Sight a comfortable climber work even better on the descents, where the balanced positioning really comes into play. I didn't need to make any drastic weight shifts to stay in the sweet spot on sustained steep sections, and there was plenty of stability for opening it up on high-speed straightaways.

The overall feel is a little more planted than poppy, but there's enough zip to the Sight's handling that it didn't feel overly lethargic or dull on mellower trails. It's more versatile than the geometry numbers suggest, and while there are better options if all of your trails are on the flatter side of the spectrum, it never felt like it was a struggle to pilot the Sight through tighter, slower speed trails.

The Sight is for the rider that likes more technical trails and doesn't mind pedaling to get to them. That 150mm of travel provides a little more room for error than your typical mid-travel trail bike does, while still remaining manageable on slightly mellower terrain. It's certainly capable of being called into duty as an enduro race bike, but for riders looking for a plush, bottomless trail smasher this might not quite scratch that itch.

For everyone else, the Sight's versatility and wide array of possible configurations make it a strong contender in this travel bracket. 

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