Australia's Bike Magazine Cruises the Tactic to the Top

2014-02-05 08:00:28
Australian publication Bike Magazine recently took the Norco Tactic for a spin around the block and wanted to let us all know what they thought about this incredibly stiff and ready to race machine.
For an almost 50-year old bike company, Norco rides a relatively quiet road. Conceived in a pair of ramshackle sheds in Vancouver, Canada in 1964 by Bert Lewis - who, sadly, passed away only last October- Norco's range of bikes is interesting, varied and, in some instances, well ahead of the curve.
The Tactic is designed as an out-and-out speed machine; this is not a rig to chase the kids around the park with. Every frame is put together in-house, and the road line benefits from the learnings of its mountain bike brethren. Starting with the huge tapered head tube that flows via a triangulated down tube to a massive BB30-compatible bottom-bracketjunction and baseball bat-like chainstays, the Tactic is built to deliver maximum forward motion to the rear wheel at every crank stroke.
Norco has contrasted this inherent stiffness with a pair of thin, flat, slightly bowed seat stays that follow the line of the top tube, with the aero-shaped seat tube piercing the junction, while a narrow-diameter seatpost is also designed to further soften the blows. Another interesting feature; the internal cable routing system is designed to easily accept either mechanical or electronic cables via clever interchangeable ports.
Download the PDF to read the full review.