Norco Valence in Cycling Active - A Light, Stiff and Fast Endurance Road Bike!

2014-03-14 08:42:20
Norco Valence C1 Review - Cycling Active MagazineApril 2014 - Cycling Active Magazine - CoverCycling Active Magazine out of the UK teamed up with Evan's Cycle to put the Norco Valence C1 through the paces and see where it stood among the best on the market. With 4 1/2 stars and being touted as stiff, responsive and sprightly it is needless to say that Cycling Active liked what the Norco Valence had to offer!
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Norco Valence C1 Review - Cycling Active Magazine

The Valence C1 is a sportive bike that's close to best in class, combining plush comfort with enough stiffness to handle powerful springs without twisting or flexing. It's responsive and sprightly, and has one of the best specs for the money, which includes Ultegra 11-speed (and FSA BB30 Energy chainset) and Ultegra brakes. On climbs the low overall weight (7.88kg for a size 54, effectively 56cm) helps, aided by very fine running gear; the Fulcrum Racing 5s are a level above the wheels most of the competition are running and they're shod with serious classy Vittoria Diamante Radiale tyres.Norco Valence C1 Review - Cycling Active Magazine