Adventure Journal's Take on the 2015 Norco Threshold

2014-08-29 08:40:53

Adventure Journal - 2015 Norco Threshold SL ReviewThe sleepy road bike is finally getting a shove into the 21st century — no surprise it’s taking “mountain bike” companies like Norco to make it happen. You can see that push at both axles of the new Norco Threshold, a mashup of CX racer and gravel grinder that’s got me entirely rethinking how nimble and capable a drop-bar bike can be.

The obvious addition at both ends are Shimano R785 disc brakes. What’s less obvious is that this bike gets meaty thru-axles instead of spindly skewers to secure the front and rear hubs to the frame. If you don’t mountain bike you’ve probably missed the revelatory wonder that is the thru-axle, which allow dropouts to be closed and thread to either side of the fork dropouts, adding massive stiffness to front-end steering. At the rear, especially on a mountain bike where turns often being with body english, power transfer goes from delayed to instantaneous.

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