Do What You Love and Never Work A Day in Your Life!

2014-07-22 06:00:34
2014_06_Office-9638 Passion fuels innovation and creativity. This is definitely the case when it comes to the people behind the Norco Bicycles brand and products. A bicycle should be designed by a cyclist and innovation should come from the drive to make a bike which is more efficient, better performing and more fun to ride.
2014_06_Office-9606Within the confines of Norco’s head office cycling culture runs deep. From engineering to marketing, sales to service the people here are more then just colleagues. These are cyclists! Staff ride their bikes to work, ride their bikes at lunch, ride them home and then go for a ride after work. Living and breathing bikes is at the foundation of the people behind the products, which are spawned in British Columbia Canada and enjoyed around the world.
A typical day starts for many on a bike. Through sun, rain, snow and sleet riding a bike to work is the choice of leaving the car at home. Each day people throughout the building take their first taste of cycling before the sun emerges on the horizon. Riding in from surrounding communities arrival is greeted with showers, storage and drying areas for wet clothes. Cycling to work is easy when you have the amenities to make it possible!
As lunch time rolls around the second wave of cyclists get rolling. Road riding is the most popular means of exercise with a crew of staff hitting to the streets on a power-hour tour around the office. The ride can be relaxing but when it comes to the NPL Sprint – All bets are off – It is time to race!
Before heading home via bike or car, there is another opportunity to ride. The post-work mountain bike session is time to get into the wilderness! With numerous riding locations barely more than a stone’s throw away a group is never hard to pull together and get out on the trails.
When you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. Bikes are a part of the Norco culture and the people within the building are what make our bikes so great. Every day we strive to make tomorrow’s commute, lunchtime spin or after work ride even better!