Bridging the Gap: Making the Most of the Covid Pause

2020-05-11 14:49:34

All around the world, as we all adjust to our new-found reality during the Covid-19 pandemic, some of life’s simplest tasks are becoming challenging, and experiences we have taken for granted in the past seem almost luxurious in quarantine.

The upside, as many are learning, is that the other side of the tedium that so many are confronting every day is an opportunity to invest in activities, projects and aspects of our lives that have fallen aside after daily life and priorities edited them out.

We asked the athletes of the Norco Factory Team what talents they have discovered, or re-discovered, since implementing Social Distancing protocols, and some of the answers were surprising!

Quinton Disera, Norco Factory XC U23

“I have been playing basketball, and either I have not played in a long time and don’t remember what I was like, or I have really improved! Trying to learn how to juggle only took 2-3 days before I moved on to something else…maybe I will pick it up again soon to try again. I have also been improving my dancing in solo dance parties…”

Lucas Cruz, Norco Factory DH

I recently bought a welder so I’ve been doing lots of that. Now that we have a trick jump set up at the house, I've been trying to improve that aspect of riding which I never do, it's so much fun!

Jennifer Jackson, XC and Cyclocross

Baking, would probably be my one real hobby, but it’s actually taken a slide because I normally bake to share with people. So, with no social gatherings, I am baking far less, sadly. I suppose I could make smaller quantities, but that doesn’t seem efficient… or I could undertake more elaborate, multi-step recipes, and be more decorative!

Elliot Jamieson, Norco Factory DH

I, as funny as it sounds, have been having a lot of fun doing some casual embroidery. I embroidered a pair of shoes and have been going from there. Also, I have been doing some art which is really relaxing as a change of pace.

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