How To Bunny Hop on a Mountain Bike - Pedal Progression Shows Us the Way!

2014-08-05 08:33:52
Pedal Progression
Pedal Progression is a coaching, guiding and rental service based in Bristol UK. This small organization is committed to sharing the joys of mountain biking with their local community and now anyone with an internet connection. Partnering with BikeRadar the Pedal Progression team has put out a video teaching you how to bunny hop with some UK or even American flair. If you have ever wanted to bunny hop on your bicycle Pedal Progression has your back in this how-to feature.

About Pedal Progression:
The best way to develop great skills, perfect bike control and a fast growth in confidence is through expert coaching in a relaxed and fun environment. This is what we do!
Based in Bristol, Pedal Progression benefits from access to some amazing trails right on our doorstep! Two brand new, all weather off-road loops just two miles from the city centre and designed by Architrail. They are the perfect teaching ground.
Our guides also have a great knowledge of some of the region’s finest singletrack, spanning from Exmoor up to South Wales. With all of this put together, we have a huge head start in delivering the some of the best coaching and guiding packages in the country.
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