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    Decline Magazine Labels the 2014 Norco Aurum Head Of the House – Downhill Bike Of The Year!

    April 2, 2014

    Decline Magazine Labels the 2014 Norco Aurum Head Of the House – Downhill Bike Of The Year!

    Decline Magazine Bike Of The Year Cover  The editorial team at Decline Magazine has pedalled just about every bike on the market today. In their broad experience they have awarded the “Head of the House” or Bike of the Year award to top bikes in each category. Among the extremely large number of options available Decline Magazine chose the 2014 Norco Aurum LE as the top Downhill rig available!

    Download the full issue of Decline Magazine free at bluetoad.com

    Decline Magazine - Norco Aurum Bike of the Year - Head of the house

    DOWNHILL should be a no-brainer for our readers and this category is a special one for us. Our passion for gravity-fueled bikes runs deep and for this reason, it is our headlining award. As bikes built to withstand the harshest abuse and burliest of terrain, downhill sleds are the creme-de-la-creme in our world.

    The Aurum LE is Norco’s elite level race machine, spec’d with all the blingy parts and boasting their Gravity Tune frame sizing, A.R.T. suspension design and a sexy hydro formed aluminum frame. Our riders all liked the stability, and lively handling of the Aurum. It rides very light and is rather playful, it doesn’t shy away from big hits and confidently charges into chunky rock gardens and roots.

    With a 63-degree head angle, and a 48.18-inch wheelbase (Large), Norco designed this bike with modern DH trails in mind. While the LE we’ve selected is a bit costly, it is still a fair value for the top shelf components aboard. Norco also offers three other models at more affordable price points that still perform impressively.

    In addition to the Aurum taking home the coveted Bike of the Year award for downhill, the Norco Sight Carbon LE also took an honorable mention in the Trail Category.

    Decline Magazine - Sight Carbon - HM Bike of the year - Head of the house

    Norco uses a modified FSR design (which they call A.R.T.) across their line up, which is why in just about every travel category their bikes are contenders. With 140mm of travel a light carbon chassis and sexy lines, this trail machine feels at home in a variety of terrain. Though not the plushest or supplest of bikes the Sight is a solid choice for a supportive bike with a platform for pushing through the corners and popping terrain along the trail while maintaining superior pedaling performance. We’re just hoping for a slightly slacker head angle next year.

    Download the Decline Magazine’s Bike of The Year full issue free at bluetoad.com