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  • Bike to Work Week, Let’s Get Out and Ride

    June 17, 2014

    Bike To Work Week Bikes Only

     Seeing signs and bike specific routes like this makes my day

    The best way to experience the vast number of cyclists that truly take advantage of the amazing network of bike paths in a city is to get out there and see for yourself! For many years now, in Norco’s hometown of Vancouver BC we take part in Bike To Work Week where we take to the paths and streets to support cyclists on the move. Seeing first hand it is amazing how many people have made the choice to use a bicycle as their mode of transportation and leave the car at home.

    Bike To Work Week Station

    One of our many Commuter Stations during Bike to Work Week

    Not only was I able to attend a number of locations around the city I even enjoyed riding down to the commuter station. The awesome bike routes, some shared but well still well marked streets and just the vibe that fellow cycle commuters share was inspiring.  And as I rolled past hundreds of cars lined up at traffic lights and general commuter congestion I asked myself yet again “why aren’t more people doing this, it is so awesome?” Cities have been committing to building safer bike routes and while it take a little while to make a difference with a bit of time the results are astounding!

    I know I’m preaching to the converted here, as if you are reading this, you are most likely already pretty hooked on riding but perhaps you have a coworker or friend that you can share this with – it may be the catalyst to get them to try riding, even if it is for one day a week at first.

    Bike To Work Week Commuters

    Even in the pouring rain, the downtown commuter routes were busy

    While the weather can sometimes be sub-par, any rain falling from the sky didn’t have a chance against the enthusiasm of many of the riders heading into the city core.  It was great to see riders out in the rain well prepared for the weather.

    Our day went quick, we were able to help out lots of riders – sometimes easy quick fixes and improvements such as adding oil to a dry chain, getting gears dialed in or brakes working better, but sometimes much bigger improvements such as truing a wheel so the brakes weren’t rubbing, fixing a flat that just occurred, or bolting a rear rack back on. It was just great to help out fellow riders and improve their day or commute.

    I ride my bike a lot but riding to and from Bike to Work Week stations was above and beyond my usual commute. Even being offered a ride by those aroung me I made the point to ride. It would have been so easy but it felt like cheating. Plus cruising bike paths sneaking my way through the city riding my bike is fun! There is nothing like a ride at the end of a busy work day to clear the mind and remind us of the simple pleasures in life.

    Bike To Work Week

    Top tube view

    As I started off home, my mind wandered to this week’s activities.  It had been a busy week with Bike To Work Week festivities put on by The Hub. My friendly and talented Norco colleagues had been wrenching flat out supplying no-charge bike maintenance and basic tune-ups to cycle commuters riding by our stations all week.  With new locations each day around the city we were able to help several different communities and cyclists.

    On my final ride home for the week it had been raining hard for much of the day. Luckily it slowed then stopped and the pavement even dried out just before I hopped on my bike. The normal grunt up the last part of my commute, which climbs about 500’ of elevation suddenly didn’t seem so bad today. The loaded up panniers on my commuter seemed to get lighter and the ride seemed easier. Everything looked fresh and promising after the rain and the sun even tried to poke out.

    Once again proving to myself (for the millionth time) that riding a bike – any kind of bike, on any kind of ride – just makes life better.

    Spring is here.  Enjoy our riding.

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