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  • Bike Radar Reviews the Fluid 7.2

    October 28, 2015

    Fluid 7.2

    “Great spec and smooth suspension for the money mean the Fluid is aptly named”

    From Bike Radar:

    It sounds daft attributing human emotions to a collection of tubes. But whenever we rode Norco’s Fluid 7.2 we got the unmistakeable feeling that it was every bit as glad to be out riding as we were and determined to deliver the maximum fun from every trail.

    Breaking that down into the detailed ride dynamic, the handling is the most obvious and influential part. A 740mm wide bar immediately adds purpose and power assisted authority to the steering, and for some reason it seems to be the sweet spot that just scrapes between the tightest tree squeezes of most wooded trails.

    Fluid image 2

    The 70mm stem is still short enough to finesse and feather traction without disturbing inherent confidence and stability. Meanwhile the RockShox TK32 fork, with a 15mm thru-axle, takes the control all the way to the tips.

    Read the full review here.