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  • NSMB reviews the Norco Aurum C7.1

    January 26, 2016

    Norco Aurum C7.1
    NSMB put the Aurum C7.1 to the test with a mix of park and shuttle riding last season and had this to say about our flagship downhill bike:

    “The Aurum feels ready for a bit of rough and tumble. The frame feels stiff and stout which translates to a very responsive ride. It’s sharp and taut feeling which means rider inputs are efficiently converted to edge control. The big burly linkage and the two beefy ends of the frame result in no noticeable untoward flex. For sudden changes of direction the bike moves snappily and when pushing into the bike to cut an arc it felt very planted and assuring.” – Seb Kemp, NSMB

    Read the full review at www.nsmb.com and check out the 2016 Aurum lineup here.

    Norco Aurum C7.1