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  • Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson – Sea Otter Classic Recap

    April 26, 2016

    Sea Otter

    Monterey, CA- April 15, 2016 – The Sea Otter Classic has been around for over 25 years, and continues to be one of the biggest cycling festivals in the world. Hosting around 60,000 spectators and 10,000 participants, Sea Otter also kicks off the year as the unofficial North American season opener. Exhibitors, fans, media, and racers from home and abroad gather at Laguna Seca raceway to check out new products, demo bikes, compete, and take part in the festivities. 

    For Norco riders Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner, the weekend was pretty successful and packed with events. For the first time a Pumptrack invitational race was held on Friday, then Slalom all day saturday, and Downhill finals on sunday. Both riders had an impressive showing in slalom qualifying fastest in the men’s and women’s categories onboard the new 650B Norco Carbon Optic trail bikes. Bryn rode smooth and fast, looking good in the first round, but had a bit of bad luck missing a gate in the round of 16 which placed him 9th. Jill looked confident all day and took a win to claim her 6th pro Dual slalom victory on this hill. 

    In Downhill, trail bikes were the weapons of choice for the fast rolling loose dusty trail. Bryn picked the short travel Optic 29er for rolling sped and had a solid time to finish 6th. Jill rode her 160mm travel Norco Range, and after a long week of being sick and a bit fatigued, she put together a loose run on sunday to win the race by over 2 seconds capping off a perfect weekend.


    The highlight of going to Sea otter, apart from seeing our friends and sponsors, is the slalom. It’s set on the perfect slope above the venue with the right combination of speed and skill to showcase pure head to head mountain biking. The atmosphere is rowdy under the sun with flags waving and people screaming. It took me a few years of struggling to figure it out, but its safe to say I have found my groove. The week wasn’t really the easiest of circumstances with being sick, but I had decent enough energy to get it done, and am really happy to give my little bikes the attention they deserve at such a big event.”

    Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner

    Jill Kintner


    “Always a fun trip coming down to Sea Otter and catching up with everyone.  We were pretty dialed on the new Norco Optic bikes, I rode the 9er for DH and the 650b for the Slalom, proving that short travel trail bikes can be pushed pretty hard. Going fastest in slalom qualifying was cool, slalom  is by far the best event here, and I look forward to it each year.”

    Bryn Atkinson

    Bryn Atkinson

    Bryn Atkinson

    Bryn Atkinson

    Bryn Atkinson

    Photos: Paris@parisgore.com – @parisgore , Alec Faught- @alecfaught , Long Nguyen @lnphotos, Margus Riga – @margusriga




    1. Jill Kintner- USA – 2:14.06

    2. Claire Buchar- CAN – 2:16.568

    3. Anneke Beerten- NED – 2:16.568

    4. Micayla Gatto- CAN – 2:17.578

    5. Samantha Kingshill – USA – 2:20.908


    1. Mike Day- USA- 2:02.807

    2. Jared Graves- AUS – 2:03.077

    3. Marcelo Gutierrez- COL – 2:04.524

    4. Josh Carlson – AUS – 2:04.931

    5. Kiran MacKinnon- USA- 2:04.968

    6. Bryn Atkinson- AUS – 2:05.443




    1. Jill Kintner- USA

    2. Anneke Beerten- NED

    3. Caroline Buchanan- AUS


    1. Marin Maes – BEL

    2. Joey Foresta- USA

    3. Brook MacDonald- NZL

    4. Jared Graves- AUS


    9. Bryn Atkinson- AUS




    1. Jill Kintner- USA

    2. Anneke Beerten- NED

    3. Tracey Hannah- AUS


    1. Tomas Lemoine- FRA

    2. Adrien Loron- FRA

    3. Matt Walker- NZL    




    1. Casey Brown- CAN


    1. Ryan Howard – USA