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  • Optic Media Roundup

    May 20, 2016

    Mountain bike media from around the world gathered  for simultaneous launch events in Santa Rosa, California and Cannock Chase, UK last month for their first glimpse of the new Norco Optic. Read some of what your favourite publications had to say about our new trail bike below and click on the logos for the full articles.


    “The Optic C9.2 is easy to ride, trustworthy on the downs, and easy enough on the legs to encourage its rider to climb to the next higher zone and add another twenty minutes of sweet descending – or to bust out one more lap before the sun sets.”


    “Just as Norco aimed for, the Optic is an active, but not wallowy, climber. The rear suspension serves up traction in spades. Climbs laced with slimy roots, or loose rocks are tackled without much struggle.”

    Factory Jackson

    “Push it fast, pop off the lips or just keep cranking – the Norco Optic is an extremely versatile bike. It’s a mountain bike that can be ridden in an XC race; has enough travel for pushing your luck on and is more capable than the amount of travel would ever let you think”


    “The Norco Optic is a very capable bike that a large and diverse audience around the world could happily find themselves smashing out mile after mile, kilometre after kilometre, lap after lap…”


    “So, in the end, considering the trails we were riding we much preferred the 29er version (did we really just say that?). If we were to test the bike on trails with tighter corners and less rocks, there’s a good chance we’d prefer the 650b bike. But that’s why Norco is offering the Optic in both configurations with very similar cockpit and rear-center layouts. You pick which best suits your needs.”


    “We spent an equal amount of time riding both wheelsizes and really couldn’t decide if there was one we preferred. The 27.5 was nimble and fun on the descents, and the 29er rolled well uphill and ate up on the smaller rocks that littered the trails. The geometries were forgiving and allowed us to do a couple longer rides comfortably.”

    Bike Mag

    “The Optic 29er makes easy work of baby-head rocks and large roots, and once up to speed, maintains momentum quite well. When climbing aboard the Optic 29, I felt as though I was on a traditional cross-country machine, but once pointed downhill the refined trail-oriented geometry kept the bike playful and lively.”


    “Having spent time on both platforms, it’s remarkable how well Norco hit their intended goals. The Optic isn’t designed to be a super gnarly trail bike; that’s what their Sight is for. But it is more than capable of blasting technical cross country trails. On the other hand, it’s not quite as efficient as the XC race oriented Revolver, but it’s not far off.”


    “No matter what size wheel you choose, you won’t give up anything in the handling department or in capability.”


    “If I regularly rode smooth pumptrack-ish trails, or were of diminutive stature, I’d probably be looking at the 650. Adding rocks & roots to the mix sways me solidly towards the 29 – there’s no denying the steamrolling capabilities of the bigger hoops, and the differences in agility and fun factor are minimal. Both bikes were good times.”

    Dirt MTB

    “On the trail these bikes were rapid. ‘Urgent in feel’ and ‘quick off the mark’ are rare comments these days as bikes become burly, capable and ambitious. Sometimes a light trail bike is the right tool for the job, and this Optic, with a dropper post, short stem and a Fox 34 up front held a line in the rough and dished out plenty of traction.”


    “In the brief time we’ve had onboard the bike so far, we’re completely stoked – it’s the hard riding, grin making, effortlessly cornering trail bike we’d been yearning for Norco to build. We plan on hanging onto this bike for some time yet, and we’ll have a full review soon.”

    AMB Mag

    “If I was looking for a trail bike to ride fast, and with the occasional event like a teams 24hr, half distance marathon or even something like a Rocky Trail Rollercoaster round – this bike stands out as a winner.”


    “It’s good to have options, and the Optic has them in spades. You get to choose your wheel size, frame material, and a build that suits your budget. Which one would we choose? Based on our extremely limited experience with the Optic, both of us would go with the 29er.”