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  • Norco Revolver FS 7.1 Earns 5 Stars from Singletracks

    June 21, 2016

    After nearly six months of riding the Norco Revolver FS 7.1, Aaron Chamberlain from Singletracks.com gives it five stars.

    Aaron contacted us in January with a request to test the newly released Revolver FS. With a coach, race schedule and regular interval sessions, all he needed for his return to racing was a bike. His initial choice for his race season, which included the gruelling Trans-Sylvania Epic stage race, was a 29er. Since we didn’t have it available in his size at the time of his request, he settled, somewhat reluctantly, for the smaller-wheeled version. After nearly six months on the bike, here are his thoughts on the Norco Revolver FS 7.1.

    “I was skeptical that a 27.5 would make a good XC race bike–I own a 27.5 trail bike, for the record–but after a few months on the Revolver, I’ve been won over. You can indeed make an excellent 27.5 XC race bike. That’s not to say that one is better than the other–they aren’t–but each size has its merits. In any case, it’s bad ass that Norco gives you both options.” – Aaron Chamberlain, Singletracks

    Norco Revolver FS 7.1 Singletracks.com

    “The Revolver will rocket up the climbs as fast as you’d like. One of the best things about this bike was how quickly it responded to rider input. Stomp on the pedals and this thing will keep gaining speed until your legs and/or lungs give out.” – Aaron Chamberlain, Singletracks

    Norco Revolver FS 7.1 Singletracks.com

    “So, of course it flies up smooth climbs and gravel roads, but what about technical ascents? No problem there, either. Flip the shock into “Open” and the rear end will find as much traction as your tires allow. The Revolver’s light weight no doubt helped here as well, not only because there was less bike to propel, but also because it was easy to change lines. Picked a shitty line? Just muscle it on over to a good one.” – Aaron Chamberlain, Singletracks

    You can read Aaron’s full review of the Norco Revolver FS 7.1 here, and check out how he retrofitted the ride for the Trans-Sylvania Epic here.