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  • South Chilcotin Canada Day Adventure

    July 15, 2016

    A South Chilcotin Canada Day eh!

    A blog by Norco rep Pat Mulrooney, someone who makes the most of his surrounding.

    With the snowy month of Juneuary behind us it was finally time to celebrate the Canada Day long week-end with some summer-like weather in the forecast. Only three weeks ago I seriously doubted we would be getting up into the high alpine in early July. Thankfully the weather did some serious damage too the snowpack and things were looking up. As always I like to celebrate our national day in a place that defines what Canada means to me. The South Chilcotin mountains is a place that’s high on that list. In the summer months I always feel anxious to take advantage of the short riding season in these mountains which is realistically only 5 months if you’re lucky.

    The single-track access from our new cabin couldn’t be better. We set off Canada Day for a Pearson Creek / Ridge-a-Rama / North Cinnabar loop.

    Within two hours the views really open up….

    There’s no place we’d rather be than high up in the Bridge River Valley on July 1….

    There are no better views of Carpenter Lake than this one….

    Danielle and Juneau did a good job flying the flag this Canada Day….

    The painted hills of Pearson Ridge are unmatched….

    And the North Cinnabar Creek area is a spectacular place….

    From the ridge (in our back-yard) we can see our new front yard….

    After five hours we dropped into our 1200m single-track decent…. Another killer Canada Day ride!

    With some tired legs we set off on a bigger day two in search of more single-track gold…. After a few hours we found ourselves at the Taylor Basin cabin and refuelled….

    Juneau and I tried on some back-country dentures that someone left behind….

    The Camel Pass trail was drying out nicely for our climb….

    These Billys looked hung over from yesterday’s Canada Day festivities….

    And we caught a view of the entire Eldorado heard on the other side of the valley….

    This is a typical view for Juneau…. Always waiting for us to catch up. Maybe she should haul around a pack….

    From this vantage the views of the Dickson range really open up. Winter is still holding a tight grip on the coastal peaks….

    About five minutes before I snapped this shot Juneau spotted and chased the largest Grizzly I’d ever seen. We rounded a blind corner and spotted the bear grazing in this meadow. When Juneau got within ten feet of it she realized it was probably worth letting go. Maybe she has “some” common sense?

    When we returned to the cabin many more renovations and improvements were complete thanks to our parents. They worked tirelessly to help complete some more necessary jobs that will allow us to finally start enjoying the place in the coming months and years….
    All photos copyright Pat Mulrooney. For more of his adventures, visit his blog. http://patmulrooney.blogspot.ca/