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  • POW! The All-New Ithaqua is a Knockout in Snowy British Columbia

    December 16, 2016

    Winter in Norco’s backyard of British Columbia is off to a very snowy start, and sales rep Pat Mulrooney is taking full advantage. Check out his epic day on the Ithaqua – Norco’s all-new carbon fatbike with clearance for 5-inch tires – and you just might want to reach for one instead of your skis next time the snow flies.

    By Pat Mulrooney

    Over the past week Squamish and the Howe Sound has been getting bombarded with some of the biggest snow storms in recent memory. It’s only the second week of December and the start to the ski season is already becoming legendary. Sure…it’s not unusual to receive a big snowfall in December, but it usually warms up during the storm cycle and ends with rain. This time it didn’t, leaving Squamish under a deep blanket of snow. Over the past few seasons I’ve been pushing the boundaries of what kind of snow conditions Norco fat bikes could actually operate in. Brett and I decided to check out some of Squamish’s steepest trails in the higher elevations. It was obvious the depth at nearly 1000m was likely near a meter after the weekend’s big dump so cold blower pow was what we would be dropping into.

    Brett made a quick call to his brother who lives off the grid near the top of the Diamond Head Road. He’d spent most of the day pulling cars out of ditches on the way up to the Paul Ridge trailhead. He was now our Fat Bike shuttle…

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    Good times on the ride up would be a slight understatement. Our Norco Carbon Ithaquas were ready for a deep snow assault!

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    We tested the snow consistency and depth capabilities on the road before dropping in…

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    Our upper trail choice was “Bird on a Wire”. It’s a beautiful steep fall line single-track that we figured would do the job.

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    We were right…steep was the answer!

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    Occasionally there were a few of these…

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    Crown-deep conditions on amazingly capable bikes made it a fantastic day on some of Squamish’s best trails….

    Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua Pat Mulrooney, fatbike, Ithaqua

    See more from Pat Mulrooney over on his blog.