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  • Freehub Reviews the Sight Carbon 9

    May 3, 2017

    Freehub Magazine recently reviewed the Sight Carbon 9.2, sharing their impressions of the ride characteristics of the all-new design. For the full review, click here.

    Freehub, Sight Carbon 9

    “This bike loves to go fast. It is playful yet planted in a way that you know you can just hold on through the rough stuff or spontaneously decide to jump the chunder.” (Photo: @brianchapelphotography)

    On the updated geometry and suspension:

    “The revamped geometry and altered suspension kinematics have taken this bike from what was once an adequate, all around bike to a trail destroyer that performs as intuitively on the way up as it does on the way down.”

     On climbing:

    “While climbing, the rear wheel feels glued the ground. I found myself mindlessly motoring along over a variety of technical terrain that in the past has caused me to use more body English than it should.”

    On overall capability:

    “This is one PNW inspired all-mountain bike that has expanded the limits of what I thought 130mm of travel could handle.”

    Freehub, Sight Carbon 9

    “Out of the box this bike is ready to shred.”