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  • Pinkbike Reviews the All-New Norco Sight C9.2

    May 26, 2017

    Pinkbike has weighed in on the all-new 2017 Norco Sight Carbon 9.2, publishing an in-depth review of the do-everything 29er. Read on for some of Pinkbike’s take on what sets the Sight apart from the rest, and check out the full review here.

    Sight C9.2, Pinkbike

    Photo by Pinkbike

    On climbing:

    The Sight has an excellent blend of quickness and comfort that makes it well suited for those all-day adventures where you don’t exactly know what type of trails you’ll end up on.

    On descending:

    The Sight exhibited an uncanny ability to find traction where I fully expected things to go sideways. The rear wheel dug in tenaciously when necessary, hugging the ground without getting hung up, but it was still easy enough to pop the bike up and over bigger roots and holes.  

    On spec:

    Norco’s BC roots really shine through on the Sight’s parts kit, and it’s clear that whoever chose the final spec put some thought into equipping the bike with components that are capable of handling aggressive riding in all conditions.

    Pinkbike’s Take

    When you’re shopping for a new bike it’s easy to find yourself sucked into a confusing world of numbers; grams, millimeters, angles – they all start to blur after a while, making it difficult to differentiate one model from another. With the Sight, there’s only one thing you really need to remember: this bike is all about fun. Uphill, downhill, and everything in between, the Sight C 9.2 is an all-mountain bike in the truest sense, with the right angles and parts for it to excel almost anywhere. — Mike Kazimer