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  • Jill Kintner: Dual Slalom and Downhill US National Champion

    August 2, 2017

    USA National Championships
    Snowshoe, West Virginia

    Located deep in the Appalachian mountain range, Snowshoe Resort hosted the USA National Championships for Enduro, XC, Short Track, Downhill, and Slalom this past weekend. Stormy conditions kept organizers on their toes all week, as even the slightest rumble of thunder could shut down lift operations and cause delays. Known for technical rock gardens and roots, the combination of clay, mud, roots and rock challenged riders to find traction. Rain continued every night leading into race days, but the best riders still rose to the top to win the coveted Stars and Stripes jerseys.



    Jill had a perfect weekend and was able repeat her victories in Slalom and Downhill from last year’s event in Mammoth and bring home her 18th and 19th elite National Championship titles.




    “The USA has some of the best slalom riders in the world, so the racing was good quality, and fun to watch. It was super muddy with slick ruts and holes to keep people honest, but the course was fairly easy to begin with, so the clay just gave us a bonus layer of difficulty. Other than having to clean out our treads with a stick every round, I had no issues and felt good ripping around the berms. Pretty spectacular to finish the race with a view of the lake and a bald eagle flying around at sunset.”
    -Jill Kintner


    1. Jill Kintner – USA
    2. Caroline Washam- USA
    3. Arielle Martin Verhaaren- USA



    “Snowshoe is one of the rockiest courses I have ever ridden. In the dry it’s pretty awesome as you can just kind of float through sections and carry speed, but in the mud the grip on the rocks goes away and it’s really spicy. There were only a couple steep parts, so nailing lines and trying to be intentional with that front brake were key. I had fun, rode well, but only took risks where I needed to to be safe and smart. US Champs is a special title to me obviously, so I am honoured carry on with the USA sleeve for another year.”
    -Jill Kintner




    1. Jill Kintner- USA – 4:53.719
    2. Amanda Batty- USA – 5:07.524
    3. Jackie Thomas- USA – 5:12.445



    Next up: Crankworx Whistler where Jill be looking to defend her Queen of Crankworx title!!