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  • Norco’s new women’s bike line in the spotlight

    September 27, 2017

    Different women want different things out of their ride and one single approach does not work for all. At Norco, we are extremely proud of being able to offer each of our main line bikes in a women’s specific version with women’s specific touchpoints.

    Extra-small sizes, size-scaled tubing, Gravity Tune, and low standover heights on our women’s bikes will empower women to take the ride experience to the next level and tap into their courage.

    Norco Women's Bike Line

    With our women’s line being introduced at Crankworx Whistler this year, MTBR took the chance and talked to Marketing Supervisor Sarah Moore about our approach on how to work within the women’s bike market, specifics in bike geometry and more.

    Mtbr: What’s the story with Norco’s new women’s lineup? Is this something that’s all new or have you offered women’s bikes in the past?
    Sarah Moore: We’ve had smaller women’s offerings in previous years, but this is the first year we’ve had equal offerings for both men and women. For example, we’re offering five different women’s specific versions of the Optic. There are two carbon and three alloy price points. With the exception of race bikes and niche models, all of our main line models have options for women with equal spec.

    Norco Women's Bike Line MTBR Review

    Mtbr: Who are these women specific bikes for?
    SM: There are two camps of women. There are women who absolutely hate everything women’s specific and that’s fine. There are also women who are drawn to something specifically for them. Our lineup doesn’t have super feminine colors. It’s more about inspiring imagery and using strong women in our photos and videos. Basically, we’re not being demeaning. It’s about confidence, control, and making sure women feel like they have a space within Norco bicycles.

    Read the full interview here.


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