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  • Embrace the Mud – Five Reasons the Norco Threshold Should be Your Next Cross Bike

    November 15, 2017

    We’re halfway through the cyclocross season but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump in and join in on the fun. In fact, the conditions are just getting more muddy and exciting as the season progresses!


    While you can race an amateur cyclocross race on almost any type of bike, the Norco Threshold is the best choice if you’re looking to finish on the podium.

    Here’s why:

    1. The Norco Race Development Program

    The Threshold has been developed in close collaboration with Norco Factory Team athletes Peter and Quinton Disera. The Norco Race Development Program is the heart of our innovation. Competitive riders are truly one with their bike and are able to perceive every facet of a bicycle’s overall performance. This razor-sharp sensitivity to ride quality and performance makes them the ideal product testers – and we were listening when designing the Threshold.


    1. Its Performance is Backed Up by Industry Reviews

    In a recent review of BikeRadar, the Threshold Carbon received 4.5/5 stars calling it “an eye-opener”. Read the full review here.

    1. A Race Slaying Rig with Added Versatility

    Compared to other cyclocross race bikes, the Threshold offers much more versatility. Do you want to be able to use your cyclocross bike for winter training? NINJA (Not Instantly Noticeable Junk Attachments) threaded inserts add a whole other level of functionality to the frame, allowing full fender capability when needed, while remaining inconspicuous when unused. And two bottle mounts help you stay hydrated wherever you go.


    1. Designed and Developed on Canada’s Pacific Coast

    The Pacific Northwest is a region characterized by rugged landscapes and abundant precipitation. The Threshold is a product of this demanding environment. Front and rear 12mm thru axles deliver maximum stiffness for enhanced responsiveness and control through rough terrain, while flat mount disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power and control through mud, sand, grass and gravel.

    1. Fully Redesigned for 2018

    With updated geometry and a redesigned frame, the Threshold is built to combat the mayhem of cyclocross racing. ARC Race technology reduces rider fatigue and allows the bike to roll more predictably off-road, while the Power Chassis design delivers optimal lateral stiffness to maximize pedaling efficiency and power transfer. A compact top tube and short chain stays make the Threshold ultra-maneuverable on tight courses.