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  • Mountain Flyer tests the Fluid FS 4.2 Youth bike

    November 15, 2017

    Mountain Flyer Magazine reviewed the Fluid FS 4.2 Youth bike in their most recent issue. Kid-tested and parent-approved, they called it “a miniature version of the trail bike you’d want for yourself.”

    Finding kids’ bikes that are as good as their adult counterparts is often not an easy task. We believe that the right equipment can make all the difference and that our Norco Youth bikes are the perfect tool to help kids build skills and confidence so they’ll love riding just as much as you do. Read on for some thoughts and impressions on the test ride.

    “Give most kids any old clapped-out bike, and they’ll find a way to have fun on it, but give a kid a comparable bike to your own, and she can ride any trail you can ride, possibly even better than you.”

    Youth bike

    “…the spec on the Norco Fluid gets a solid thumbs up. Starting with the 1×10 drivetrain, Norco didn’t skimp and spec’d a Shimano Deore Shadow Plus clutch derailleur strung to a Deore shifter. The RockShox suspension front (Recon air-sprung 100 mm) and rear (Monarch R 100 mm) performed fantastically all season even under her minimal riding weight.”

    “The best part was, she was riding fast – not fast for a kid, just straight-up fast – but looked to be in control.”

    Youth bike

    Pick up the latest Mountain Flyer Magazine at a newsstand near you for the full article or learn more about the Fluid FS 4.2 Youth bike here.