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  • Norco Sight C 9.2 makes it on Enduro MTB’s “Most Wanted List 2017”

    January 24, 2018

    Following Enduro MTB’s in-depth test review of the Norco Sight C 9.2 earlier last year, the do-it-all-mountain 29er now made it on their “Enduro’s Most Wanted List: The hottest bikes from 2017”! Equally capable of handling flowy trails, rough descents and technical climbs, the Sight impressed test riders with its burly build, modern geometry and snappy ride feel.

    “If there were tick boxes to satisfy the new generation of potent 29er trail bikes, then the new Norco Sight would get a clean sweep.”

    Norco Sight C 9.2

    “The spec is on point for the bike’s trail biking purpose, and this componentry wouldn’t even be amiss on a race-tuned enduro whip.”

    Norco Sight C 9.2

    “The Sight 29 comes to the fore on descents, and those initial thoughts of having ‘just’ 130 mm in the rear and 140 mm travel in front are nullified virtually instantaneously, as this bike serves up masses of stability and smoothness.”

    “Smoothly taking corners with speed, the Sight 29 is as playful and maneuverable as it is wild on the descents.”

    Norco Sight C 9.2

    Read more about Enduro MTB’s Most Wanted List and find the full bike review here.


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