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  • Fatbike Republic tests the Norco Ithaqua Carbon

    February 20, 2018

    Following Fatbike Republic’s trail bike review of the Norco Ithaqua Carbon this past summer, they recently put the progressive and efficient all-season bike to the test in variable winter conditions including groomed snowy trails, fresh powder and ice.

    Norco Ithaqua

    “The Ithaqua 2S exhibits the same quick handling characteristics in the winter as shown during the summer. Zipping through tight white single track, accelerating out of snow berms, climbing and descending mounds and leisurely long distance ice grinds are all within the wheelhouse of the 2018 Ithaqua 2S.”

    Fatbike Republic summarized the various terrain they tackled with the Ithaqua in a short video. Watch it to see what kind of trails and conditions this bike is capable of handling.

    “Not only does the Ithaqua 2S seem at home on the single and double track, it also proves itself as a respectful long-haul rig when sporting a set of pogies and going for an extended ice grind.”

    “The stiffness of the Ithaqua 2S frame made the ramping up to semi-warp speed feel like nano-seconds.”

    Norco Ithaqua

    “We all hear people talking of “quiver killer” bikes . . . the one bike that does it all. I’m not sure if such a beast exists, but the Ithaqua 2S sure does check off a lot of boxes.”


    Check out the full review on the Fatbike Republic blog, and learn more about the Norco Ithaqua here.