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  • Crankworx is Coming – Who to Watch and Where to be at 2018 Crankworx Whistler

    August 9, 2018

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! After an eventful season with impressive results, Norco athletes are gearing up for the biggest show of the year, Crankworx Whistler. Over the course of the ten-day festival starting August 10th, national and international pros will showcase their prowess in the world’s best-known mountain bike playground: Whistler, British Columbia.


    Crankworx Whistler


    With events every day live-streamed on RedBullTV and Crankworx.com, Norco athletes like the Gehrig sisters, Jill Kintner, Adrien Loron and Norco Factory Racing’s Sam Blenkinsop and Henry Fitzgerald will be keeping busy proving themselves against the world’s best riders. Jill and Sam are points leaders for the King and Queen of Crankworx title and we’re excited to see if they will be successful in getting the crown.



    Saturday, August 11th: Dual Speed and Style

    Riders throw their best tricks down a short technical course. Every run is timed, but tricks and style add to the overall score. Expect to see Adrien Loron fighting for the top spots in this event.


    Crankworx Whistler


    Sunday, August 12th: Canadian Open Enduro

    The Canadian Open Enduro is part of the Enduro World Series. Known for high-speed, technical sections and demanding, long descents, this race tests the limits of every rider. Tune in to watch Caro and Anita Gehrig pilot their carbon Range 9.1’s down the dusty and rooty course.


    Tuesday, August 14th: Garbanzo DH

    Riders race the most gnarly, aggressive and technical trails that Whistler has to offer – a 3400-foot top-to-bottom gruel-fest with a seven-kilometre descent. Sam and Henry will be pinpointing their 29″-wheeled Aurum HSPs down the tracks. Reigning Queen of Crankworx and current points leader, Jill Kintner, and the Gehrig Twins will join them at this vertical marathon and put their mountain biking skills to the test. If they can stay on top of the dust, they’re sure to clean up against the competition.


    Crankworx Whistler


    Wednesday, August 15th: Air DH

    Fresh from smashing their way through the rock gardens and root balls of the Garbanzo DH, Sam and Henry will pump up their tires to hit the Air DH on Wednesday. Jill will join them in the women’s event as well. This race down Whistler’s A-Line jump trail is a Crankworx classic, and always draws a huge crowd. You can expect some signature ultra-loose drifts from Sam, and some flat-out scrubs from Henry.


    Thursday, August 16th: Whip-Off World ChampionshipsRockShox Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge

    With the 50-plus jumps of A-Line to warm them up, Sam and Henry will be whipping their way down Whistler’s Crabapple Hits for the Crankworx Whip-Off World Championships the following day. Watch Sam and Henry hit the biggest jump in the bike park and attempt to get their bikes as sideways in the air as possible. This event is one of the best to watch, so don’t miss it!

    Once the dust has settled from an afternoon of “throwing shapes” for the crowd, riders will head to the RockShox Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge for an evening of lightning fast short-course racing. This is where Jill and Adrien shine, so join us in cheering them on as they take on the fastest racers from the mountain bike and BMX world.


    Crankworx Whistler


    Friday, August 17th: Dual Slalom

    On Friday, Jill and Adrien will return to the base of Whistler mountain to compete in the Dual Slalom. Loose, dusty corners, and tight, technical jumps are hallmarks of this event. Once more, Jill is on track to win the Queen of Crankworx title and this could be the event to lock that in.


    Jill Kintner

    Crankworx Whistler


    Sunday, August 19th: Canadian Open DH course

    On the final day of Crankworx 2018, Sam and Henry will face the Canadian Open DH course, which runs straight down the face of Whistler mountain. Big jumps, over-vertical inclines and exuberant fans ensure that this Crankworx ends with a bang! Having amassed a significant number of points in previous Crankworx competitions this year, Sam has his eyes on the prestigious King of Crankworx title, and this could be the event that gives it to him.


    Crankworx Whistler is always the highlight of the year – the biggest show in mountain biking, right in our backyard. We hope to see you up on the hill, or at our Norco booth in Whistler village. Come say hi, check out our 2019 bike line-up, rub shoulders with the pros, and help cheer on our exceptional athletes!


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