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The Optic is a fast-pedaling trail bike that rides with just the right mix of cross country efficiency and all mountain playfulness. Progressive trail geometry has been carefully tuned across each frame size to give every rider the same optimal fit and ride quality, while A.R.T. suspension delivers both efficient climbing and lively, capable descending. Ride your trails, your way - and ways you never thought possible - faster, with more control, complete confidence and that feeling of becoming at one with the bike. Available in carbon or aluminum with your choice of 650B or 29” wheels, the Optic gives you a whole new perspective on the trail.

Geometry First

The difference is in the details.

Every degree, every millimeter matters and can mean the difference between having an average ride or an epic experience, being on the bike or being at one with it. The Optic represents the next evolution of our geometry philosophy. A new approach that delivers the optimal fit and handling characteristics for every rider, not only for the frame size they fit, but also the wheel size they prefer.

650B and 29” Platforms

Offering you choice without compromise

No two riders ride the same trail in the same way. That’s why we developed the Optic from the ground up in two wheel sizes, offering the choice between the quick acceleration of 650B or the improved rollover and momentum of a 29er. To make your choice easier, we’ve optimized the geometry of the 29er to share the same fit and handling characteristics of the 650B version. How do you roll?

Testing and Development

The relentless pursuit of perfection

The development of the Optic required our largest fleet of prototype bikes to date. In order to validate the fit and handling between the two wheel sizes, each bike in the fleet was carefully outfitted with the same spec to isolate the effects of wheel size and geometry. Test riders rode the 650B and 29” prototypes back-to-back and provided detailed feedback to the engineering team to further refine the geometry to meet project goals.

"The Optic C9.2 is easy to ride, trustworthy on the downs, and easy enough on the legs to encourage its rider to climb to the next higher zone and add another twenty minutes of sweet descending - or to bust out one more lap before the sun sets."

"Push it fast, pop off the lips or just keep cranking – the Norco Optic is an extremely versatile bike. It’s a mountain bike that can be ridden in an XC race; has enough travel for pushing your luck on and is more capable than the amount of travel would ever let you think"

"The Norco Optic is a very capable bike that a large and diverse audience around the world could happily find themselves smashing out mile after mile, kilometre after kilometre, lap after lap…"

"No matter what size wheel you choose, you won’t give up anything in the handling department or in capability.”

Technology and Innovation

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Modern Trail Geometry

Aggressive and Progressive

To give the Optic a unique ride quality, we adapted the aggressive Killer B geometry from our Sight and Range platforms. The result is a short travel trail bike that shares the same handling characteristics as its longer travel siblings in a nimbler, lighter package.

Optimal weight distribution

Gravity Tune fixes the front-centre/rear-centre ratio across all frame sizes. This means that a large frame will not only have a longer front end, but a proportionally longer rear end than a small frame. This keeps the rider’s weight optimally distributed over the bike regardless of their height, delivering equal ride characteristics and unrivalled control for all.

Reach Plus and Stack Plus

Optimal fit and handling

Stem length is incorporated into the bike’s geometry measurements as Reach Plus and Stack Plus to achieve the optimal fit and handling across each wheel and frame size combination. The Optic 29er uses a shorter stem, longer top tube and slightly steeper head angle for extra leverage over the bigger wheels to maintain similar handling characteristics as a 650b bike without changing the fit.

An Efficient Pedaling Platform

Suspension kinematics optimized for trail riding to provide the perfect balance of traction and efficiency on the way up and complete control on the way down


Progressive Carbon Design

A Stronger, Lighter Frame

We adhere to a strict design philosophy to realize our goal of producing a highly efficient carbon structure. Simplified tube cross sections meet and blend seamlessly with one another at all junctions. SmoothCore mandrels enable us to maintain precise control over the inner surfaces of the frame, particularly critical at complicated, high stress areas like the head tube and bottom bracket junctions. Our superior ArmorLite resin further enhances frame strength and impact resistance. As a result, the Optic Carbon achieves the ideal balance of stiffness, weight and durability.

Size-Scaled Tubing

Optimal Frame Stiffness and Ride Quality

By increasing tube profile dimensions in proportion with frame size, Norco engineers are able to calibrate frame stiffness to the weight of the prospective rider. This ensures that a heavier rider on an extra large frame will experience the same optimal ride characteristics, performance and comfort as a lighter rider on a small frame.


Gizmo Cable Management

Versatile internal cable routing

The latest generation Gizmo internal routing system works with up to five cables to suit any cockpit setup. Adaptable port covers form a tight seal around 4mm and 5mm housing to keep out water and debris, and when removed, expose large openings for easy setup and maintenance.


Boost 148 Spacing

Wider, stiffer, more clearance

Boost 148 spacing keeps the chainstay length as short as possible without compromising frame strength, tire clearance, or front derailleur compatibility. The extra clearance allows the Optic 29er to use the same compact rear-centre length as the 650B version for improved handling.

Key Features

Everything you need in a trail bike.

Trail bikes are all about versatility. They need to be fast and efficient without being afraid to get a little rowdy. To find that sweet spot, the Optic is carefully outfitted with everything you need like a stealth dropper post, aggressive front tire matched to a fast rolling rear tire, custom-tuned Fox suspension and more.

Trail-Tuned Fox Fork

Fox 34 fork with custom trail-tune for added traction and control.
*Available on C7.1/9.1, C7.2/9.2, A7.1/9.1

Fox Rear Suspension

Fox Float DPS shock with three positions to match any terrain and EVOL air sleeve for improved small bump sensitivity and mid stroke support.

Front Derailleur Compatible

Removable front derailleur mount for 2x compatibility, a chainguide or clean 1X look

Stealth Dropper Post

More control when you need it; stealth routing eliminates excess cable loop

Wide Rims

A wider contact patch for more traction and increased stability for less tire fold

Perfect Trail Tires

An aggressive front tire paired to a fast rolling rear tire - the perfect trail combination

Wide Bars

760mm wide bars paired with a shorter stem for improved handling

Water Bottle Mounts

On every frame size including extra small.

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