2014 Range Support


Norco has identified a manufacturing inconsistency in the 2014 Range Carbon frames. Affected frames can crack in the bottom bracket/ISCG area from continued use or through the use of a chain guide where more than 7mm of thread enters the ISCG tabs in the frame. It is our goal to deliver only the highest quality products that exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Given this inconsistency we have made the decision to replace all 2014 Range Carbon front triangles over the coming months.

If you are an existing Norco Range Carbon owner please take a few minutes to review details about the issue and register your frame. All warranty replacement details will be communicated through this registration so your participation is extremely important.

Please review each of the sections below to ensure that you receive your new Range Carbon frame as quickly as possible.

Range Owner Action Plan

  • Step 1

    Register your Norco Range Carbon at norco.com/range-support

  • Step 2

    Bring your Range Carbon bike to your local Norco Retailer for an authorized inspection. If structural cracking is evident your frame will be replaced while cosmetic cracks will allow for continued use with regular, scheduled inspections.

  • Step 3

    Range Carbon owners should do inspections after each ride looking for cracks as described in the images below. Frames must also have an inspection completed at a Norco retailer every 10 ride hours or 100km of normal use to check for structural integrity compromise. For lift access riding, inspections should be completed every 3 hrs or 30km of use.

  • Step 4

    In the coming months replacement frames will be provided to all Norco Range Carbon owners. Regardless of cracking a replacement front triangle will be given free of charge and swapped at your local Norco retailer.

If you are running a chain guide on your Norco Range Carbon ensure that the ISCG bolts do not insert more than 7mm into the frame. Failing to do so may lead to expedited cracking of the frame.

Cracks in the lower/forward ISCG tab (photos 1 and 2) are primarily cosmetic in nature. They do not represent an immediate safety concern. Riders can continue to use their bikes and monitor the crack. Riders should stop using their bikes if any significant change or propagation of the crack past 25mm is detected.

Cracks in the upper/forward ISCG tab (photos 3 and 4) can result in propagation into the mainframe structure. Riders should stop riding their bikes if cracks are detected in this area, and contact their dealer regarding timing for a replacement front triangle.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect a replacement front triangle?

a) Priority for replacements will be given to those with a crack in the upper front ISCG tab. We have a limited number of replacement frames in stock and we will be receiving additional frames over the next three months.

How do I know if my frame is cracked?

Visit http://www.norco.com/safety-recalls to find photos and instructions for the inspection process.
Before each ride you should inspect your bicycle around the entire Bottom Bracket, ISCG and shock mount area for any signs of cracking. (see photos)
Consult with your local retailer for regular, scheduled inspections of your frame

Why do I need to register on the Norco Range Customer Support Page?

By registering your bike at http://www.norco.com/safety-recalls, Norco will be able to keep you up to date with information relative to:
  • Inspection protocols
  • Safety information
  • ETA’s on replacement front triangles.

What information will I need to provide on the Norco Range Customer Support Page?

  • Name
  • Contact details: Phone and e mail address
  • Model
  • Size
  • Color
  • Serial number
  • Dealer where bike was purchased.

What if I crack my frame before the new replacement frames are available?

Our goal is to keep everyone riding with minimum interruption until replacement frames (front triangle) are provided at no cost. LTP has frames in stock and has additional replacement frames on order but there is the possibility that frames may not be available for you until the end of August.

Who will cover the costs for inspection and replacement?

Norco will cover all costs related to the labour for the inspection and replacement of your front triangle by the dealer.

How often do I need to visit the dealer for a schedule inspection?

We recommend your bike is inspected by an authorized Norco Bicycle Dealer every ten hours/100km riding or following three hours/30km of moving time for mechanized assisted riding (chairlifts and motorized shuttles).