The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each individual bike to the human who rides it.

When your bike is created with the Ride Aligned™ Design System, it accounts for your unique height, weight, skill level, sex, and body type. The Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide determines what size you need, and precisely how to get the most out of it within minutes.

After dialing in your ideal position, suspension setup, and tire pressure, you’ll be amazed at how confident your turns are. How quickly the line you choose becomes the line you hit. How your suspension reacts to every impact without telling you about it, allowing you to ride your best and focus on the trail ahead.

Rider Centered

  • Rider Metrics
  • Re-Engineered Geometry
  • Precise Suspension Design
  • Proprietary Setup Technology

The Ride Aligned™ system from Norco matches each individual bike to the human who rides it, customizing the platform to optimize rider performance. Individual rider metrics, precise suspension kinematics, and proprietary app technology align you with your ride experience like never before.

Understanding and analyzing the physical differences between different riders and the effects it has on centre of gravity positioning means the frames fit better than ever, and handle like your bike has been custom built around you and the way you ride.

By digging deep into the science of how the human body interacts with machines, Norco engineers applied a new level of precision to how every rider fits on a bike, and how the resulting centre of gravity affects performance and handling.



Ride Aligned™ frame geometry creates tack-sharp handling by precisely distributing your weight optimally between the wheels.

Standing and seated.

Grinding up and pinning down.

Nearly a decade after introducing Gravity Tune, Ride Aligned™ radically re-engineers the concept beyond simply altering chainstay length for each size bike, and considers how centre of gravity within every frame size ensures consistent weight distribution at the contact patch for every rider.

Fine-tuned reach, seat tube angles and precise steering geometry create a distinct mix of crisp, confident handling and maximum grip, ensuring you ride your best on your favourite trails.

Click your size to align your centre of gravity.


Ride Aligned™ suspension is custom engineered for your bike’s intended use - optimized for quick, efficient climbs while seated and standing, and provides control and confidence on descents.

Consistent compression support and optimized anti-squat provides maximum grip, sustained momentum and cadence over technical trails, and allows the suspension to move freely without absorbing drivetrain energy – which means no need for a lockout on sustained climbs.

Descending, Ride Aligned™ suspension kinematics feels dynamic and reactive beneath you, providing confident control through rough terrain. The high starting leverage ratio and precise shock tunes boost mid-stroke support to maintain grip and a smooth transition from mid-to-end stroke provides a consistent feel under all impacts.

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To customize your Ride Aligned™ experience, we tie every aspect of the system together with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide.

Bike Setup Guide

The app-based assistant helps tune your precise fit and optimize your suspension setup based on your unique body makeup, the way you ride, and the types of trails you expect to encounter. It’s simple to use, but incredibly precise, making the most of every detail we’ve engineered into the Ride Aligned™ design system.

Models designed with the Ride Aligned™ System

Sight - All Mountain

160mm Front/150mm Rear

Optic - Trail

140mm Front/125mm Rear

Sight VLT 29" - E-All Mountain

160mm Front/150mm Rear

Range VLT - E-Mountain

180mm Front/170mm Rear

Revolver FS 120 - XC Race

120mm Front/120mm Rear

Revolver FS 100 - XC Race

100mm Front/100mm Rear