We're collecting and sharing stories that reflect the conversations happening all around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. No matter how alone you’re feeling, we’re all one in this crisis, and we’ll get through it together.

Sian A'Hern

The Word from Down Under

Norco Gravity and Enduro ace Sian A’Hern on business, 4x4’s, and staying fit during Covid lockdown in preparation for a season that might be.

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Andy Vathis

A Season Interrupted

Views through the lo-fi lens of a Professional MTB World Cup Photographer at the Covid-19 crisis expose a unique angle on the reality we all face.

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Norco Factory Team

Bridging the Gap: Making the Most of the COVID Pause

All around the world, as we all adjust to our new-found reality during the Covid-19 pandemic, some of life’s simplest tasks are becoming challenging, and experiences we have taken for granted in the past seem almost luxurious in quarantine.

The upside, as many are learning, is that the other side of the tedium that so many are confronting every day is an opportunity to invest in activities, projects and aspects of our lives that have fallen aside after daily life and priorities edited them out.

We asked the athletes of the Norco Factory Team what talents they have discovered, or re-discovered, since implementing Social Distancing protocols, and some of the answers were surprising!

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Sam Blenkinsop

Gyming at Home and the Joy of Family

Last week, New Zealand announced that it would be lifting some of the strict measures implemented by its government to curb the Covid-19 pandemic – considered to be among the most aggressive quarantine mandates anywhere. It’s great news for the Kiwis, who have been in full lockdown for weeks, but the measures have limited the island nation’s Covid death toll to just 19.

We sat down (at a safe distance, thanks to the Internet) with Norco Factory DH rider Sam Blenkinsop to discuss his altered reality as a pro rider and new parent during these extreme measures, and he showed us that, no matter who you are – we’re all Alone. Together.

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Joel Harwood

Maintaining athletic focus while navigating the new normal.

Adversity is a common theme, both in the racing world and in life. The COVID-19 pandemic is relevant in both contexts, especially for passionate cyclists and racers.

Joel Harwood, Owner and Coach at Blueprint Athlete Development, and trainer to some of Norco’s fastest riders, shares how athletes are dealing with the pandemic, and makes a few suggestions on how we all could frame social distancing as an opportunity, rather than as a setback.

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Anita Gehrig

Getting-by with Amateur Coffee in Troubled Times

Those who are confronting the Covid-19 virus first-hand are facing a reality that many of us will never truly understand. But the complete overhaul of our daily schedules and habits to protect others is affecting everyone differently, and the stress is real.

To cope with that stress, and help focus a mind that is usually fixated on training and racing, Swiss Norco Global EWS rider Anita Gehrig has taken to indulging her caffeine connection.

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Elliot Jamieson

Senior Year

Heading into his first year in the Elite class of the UCI DH circuit, Norco Factory rider Elliot Jamieson had big plans. The team has expanded this year, and with a full season under his belt last summer, 2020 was looking to be a big year.

Then, like the rest of us, his goals, his life, and his race season spiraled into utter chaos – but you’d never know it, with his laid-back demeanor and positive outlook!

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Haley Smith

Mental Strategies for Managing Self Quarantine

Haley Smith is one of Canada’s fastest women on a mountain bike – but she’s also one of the most psychologically- and emotionally-connected riders we’ve ever encountered.

As we all struggle to find ourselves and establish our new-normal during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Haley shared what she is doing to keep her mind, body and spirit in a positive space when, like the rest of us, she’d rather be out riding.

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It’s hard to pace yourself when you’ve no idea how long the ride is.
Keeping your head in the game is the key.
Focus on the horizon. The finish line is up there – somewhere.