Breakin' Ground at Glendhu

It’s the kind of ride dreams are made of – untouched dirt in the Southern Alps of New Zealand on trails that flow like mountain runoff. Speed, agility, and flow intersect at every corner, peeling your eyelids back and plastering a grin across your dusty mug.

For some, rides like this are few and far between, and the moment is fleeting - Blink and it's gone.

Sam Blenkinsop was lucky enough to find himself in the middle of one while christening the Glendhu Bike Park, just outside Wanaka, New Zealand – and the crew from HUNT Cinema was there to capture his first tracks aboard the 2020 Sight.

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Location:Glendhu Bike Park
Director: Scott Robb
Producer: Nick Stevenson
Photographer: Cam Mackenzie
Athlete: Sam Blenkinsop